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An idea goes around the world!

The USP of the Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Region: Unique. Varied.

The uniqueness of the region lies in its diversity. This has to be worked out in terms of brand strategy and communication. It must be possible to create a unity out of too much differentiation. At the brand level, there are certain limits to this endeavor. This is in consideration of the fact that the individual resorts have a justified interest in accentuating their identity and the special features of their service offerings in communication. They only pay into the brand account of the DMO to a limited extent in the design of their individual market cultivation.

With the idea approach #DiniWält, a basis was created in the thematic design of the Jungfrau Region Guide, which, beyond the existing brand structure of the DMO, has the potential to become an overarching brand story and to position the DMO with its resort partners and can be used as a future USP.

The idea #DiniWält is developed conceptually and strategically. #DiniWält integrates partners and service providers equally. The concept works independently of the brand structure of the region. It is used as a connecting element and as a vessel for addressing qualitative products and produce from the region.

Within the framework of a graphic revision, the label was made suitable for international use. It offers itself as a supporting and connecting element for the superordinate communication and for campaigns, without questioning or competing with the existing brand structure of the Jungfrau Region.

Download Regulations #DiniWält (in German)

Download concept and strategy #DiniWält (in German)