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Ernst and Monika’s world

Sink into a warm bubble bath after hitting the slopes, enjoy a massage after sledging, or indulge in a delicious meal at the Fondue-Gondel restaurant. Monika and Ernst Schnegg spent a week on holiday in the Jungfrau Region.

This unique and diverse region is also a hit with seniors.

Monika (65) and Ernst (68) Schnegg from Thun took advantage of the offer of a week's free, all inclusive holiday in the Jungfrau Region. The itinerary that the two pensioners put together was impressive. The couple spent the first few days in Mürren. The slopes didn’t know what had hit them. Then the Allmendhubel hill in a sledge. The following day Monika ventured out on skis for the first time. Other highlights of their stay in Mürren included a day trip to the Schilthon Piz-Gloria, the Thrill Walk at Birg, the Chänelegg Trail snowshoe hike and the Mürren Sports Centre spa with a massage included. Then Monika and Ernst moved to the opposite side of the valley – Wengen, another car-free village in the Jungfrau Region. The parents of four raved about the view from the balcony of the Hotel Caprice, took a detour to Männlichen and the Eiger Glacier, riding the new V-Bahn. Monika even conquered the notorious Lauberhorn downhill run on skis. And they indulged in mouthwatering cuisine with a romantic dinner at the Fondue-Gondel and the Gault & Millau-listed restaurant Chez Meyers.

Ernst geniesst den Brunch auf dem Schilthorn mit einer wunderschönen Aussicht.
Monika fährt auf die Piste auf ihren Skiern hinunter.
Monika auf dem Thrill Walk. Ernst steht im Hintergrund und fotografiert Monika
Schneeschuhwanderung von einer Schneebedeckten Wiese in Richtung Tannenwald.
Abstoss des ersten Curlingsteines.
Abendessen in der Fondue Gondel. Im Hintergrund ist eine Tanne mit Lichterketten geschmückt.
Fondue Caquelon mit drei verschiedenen Käsesorten.

“We felt like we were in another world”

Monika and Ernst Schnegg found it difficult to single out one experience. “The whole entire week was a highlight,” they agreed. They use a lot of superlatives to describe their holiday. They emphasise the silence and tranquillity of the car-free resorts of Mürren and Wengen. “Falling asleep in the evening surrounded by mountains, waking up the next morning surrounded by mountains. There's something magical about that,” said Monika. They described Mürren as pristine. “A single ride in the Allmendhubel cable car and you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere.” Speaking of the Allmendhubel. Here, Ernst got to grips with the toboggan run while his wife skied. “I've done the bob run to Mürren over half a dozen times.” The curling lesson in the sports centre propelled the pair onto unfamiliar ground. This was likely to be the last time the pair will venture onto black ice. Neither really felt at home here. “But I really enjoyed it," says Monika, who turns out to be the more gifted of the two. Ernst was surprised by how tricky the sport is. “I will never laugh again when curling is shown on TV.” The pair were much more comfortable in the wellness area of the sports centre.  The soothing massage and bubble bath ensured that they didn’t suffer any sore muscles from skiing, sledging or curling the next day. “From the water we were able to enjoy the amazing panoramic mountain view,” Monika enthused. Likewise with brunch on the Schilthorn and the Thrill Walk at Birg. Her husband said the view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau was “indescribable,” noting that “words don’t do it justice.” If he had to pick his favourite experience, Ernst thinks it would probably be the Chänelegg Trail, a snowshoe hike lasting about two hours. “Through the snow towards the rising sun – a dream.” The Apollo Run was an adventurous end to the pair’s five days in Mürren. With the exception of Monika, everyone, including the film crew, fell at least once. High time for the transfer to Wengen...

«Through the snow towards the rising sun – a dream» - Ernst Schnegg

“We had a spacious balcony with a panoramic mountain view,” Monika and Ernst were very enthusiastic about their room at the Hotel Caprice in Wengen. Here too, on the opposite side of the valley from Mürren, the pair experienced one highlight after another. For example, the drive from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg through the snow-covered forest. Monika conquered the notorious Lauberhorn downhill run, which has now opened to the public after the World Cup races. “The slopes were icy.” Meanwhile, Ernst drove via Männlichen to Grindelwald, to the new V-Bahn terminal. “It was a fun drive.” At lunch together in the Eigergletscher restaurant, the pair compared experiences. Back in Wengen, Monika and Ernst enjoyed a mouthwatering meal. They indulged in a romantic dinner in the Fondue Gondel restaurant at the Sunstar Hotel. “It was out of this world. A taster plate, a fondue pot with three different types of cheese, fine wine and dessert. To keep us warm and cosy, we were given sheepskins, blankets and even a hot water bottle. And torches were set up around the gondola.” The week was sadly coming to an end. To crown it all off, a first-class dinner awaited them on Friday evening at the Gault & Millau-listed restaurant Chez Meyers.  “This was the highpoint in terms of food. The tasting menu, plus the wine and live music. We felt like VIPs.” Generally speaking, the service was top notch throughout their trip. The pair had one last night left in Wengen, and then they were due to head home already. “A week like no other. It was a simply fabulous experience. Everywhere is so easy to get to in the Jungfrau Region,” concluded Ernst. “We were incredibly lucky with the weather, with the exception of Thursday, we had constant blue skies and sunshine. The three mountain peaks – Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau – were always within reach,” said Monika. “It’s one of the most beautiful regions in the whole wide world. We'll definitely be back,” agreed Monika and Ernst Schnegg.