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Marco’s world

Action at the Canyon Swing in the glacier gorge, and relaxation in the indoor pool with a view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. It’s no wonder that Marco Kühne says: «I’ll be back again».

So much discovered in so little time

It would be hard to fit more in. Marco Kühne (aged 40) from Halten in the Canton of Solothurn got to know the many facets of the Jungfrau Region during his week as an Explorer.  At the teepee village in Meiringen, he tried his hand at archery. At the Aare gorge, and then later at the Trümmelbach waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, he experienced the power of water up close. Later, at Grindelwald Youth Hostel, he spent the night in the Beehive, with a view of the starry sky. At the Canyon Swing, the jump into the glacier gorge was a thrill. To relax, Marco treated himself to a fondue made using ingredients he brought along in his backpack as he enjoyed the view of the Staubbachfall. He also enjoyed the spa oasis at Hotel Eiger in Mürren before getting back into the action on the via ferrata.  Our Explorer Marco Kühne experienced all this and much more.

«Indescribable» and «amazing»

«A gorgeous place with perfect views.» Marco Kühne simply couldn’t get enough of the teepee village in Meiringen. And he can’t get enough of talking about it either! «I think it suits me», he says as he looks at the archery and crossbow range. He even compares himself to legends like Robin Hood and William Tell, but then immediately backtracks after firing his first shots. He quickly makes excuses:  «OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit there. But I feel like the targets could be a bit bigger.» In any case, Marco Kühne can't go far wrong in the Aare gorge and the Lauterbrunnen Valley, the valley of 72 waterfalls. They were always going to hit the mark. «You can really feel the power of the water here. It’s very impressive.» And here’s what he has to say about the Trümmelbach waterfalls: «You can get closer to the waterfalls here than almost anywhere else. I’ve never experienced anything like it.» With so much to take in, you’ll inevitably feel tired at the end of the day. «If you like things to be spectacular like I do, you'll also stay somewhere spectacular.» No sooner said than done. In the Beehive at Grindelwald Youth Hostel, Marco can watch the starry sky as he drifts off.

«You can get closer to the waterfalls here than almost anywhere else. I’ve never experienced anything like it.» - Marco

«It was completely indescribable; my hands are still shaking a little. It was pure adrenaline.» That’s what Marco Kühne had to say about his jump into the Grindelwald glacier gorge. At the Canyon Swing, he was talking pretty big: «This is something only for brave folks: like me!» But he was in no mood for joking around as he prepared to head up the via ferrata in Mürren. «I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn't nervous.» He must have felt relieved when he conquered this one as well. «I did it! It was amazing!» His summary of the week sounds similar: «It’s been great! I'll be back, because I’ve discovered loads in a very short time, but I’m still a long way from discovering everything.»

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